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I’m Miron Lulic – a serial entrepreneur a.k.a. startup junkie. I’ve built and launched a handful of companies. Some have been wildly successful and others were total failures.

My first personal startup project was a mobile website and app called Frugalytics that launched back in 2009. Frugalytics was a mobile-centric comparison shopping engine that helped users make intelligent buying decisions wherever they were. It generated about 200,000 downloads in its day. Not bad but the margins are so low in that space that you need closer to 20 million users to start getting somewhere.

My next startup adventure was co-founding a company I named Swagsy. The Swagsy marketplace was built from a community of online tastemakers who brought their fans and followers sweet deals on their favorite products and services. I raised some money, built a great beta site and a ran small pipeline of ‘flash sale endorsements’ using celebrity curators. However, our hypothesis was wrong. The economics of the performance-based endorsements business model just didn’t equate to a scalable business. Also, working with celebrities is like trying to herd a group of wild cats. Fail quickly and move on.

Tainted by Hollywood I looked for a more fulfilling problem to solve. I read some articles about how big of an issue basic financial literacy was in America. I wanted to build something to help solve this problem, so I built SuperMoney. Our mission is to organize all the world’s personal finance knowledge. It’s a lofty goal but we’re getting there. Mint.com was nice enough to feature an article about SuperMoney.

I also helped build and launch Optima Tax Relief in 2011 where I was responsible for all digital related strategy and development. We quickly scaled the company for $0 to ~$30M/year in revenues (2-year revenue growth of 760%) and now employ about 250 people. Optima will be on the Inc. 500 list next year and has rapidly grown into the largest and most trusted tax resolution firm in the market.

My latest venture is LoanNow – a socially responsible online lender. Simply put, we help good people get better loans. LoanNow is a socially-responsible lender that offers a better alternative to payday loans. We turn loan repayment into a success-based process that’s both fun and rewarding at the same time. Borrowers succeed by saving money and unlocking opportunities to refinance at lower rates. Investors enjoy lower defaults and a more socially-responsible business model. The LoanNow team is the smartest group of people I’ve ever worked with and the smartest technology team in lending today.

Very excited for the future.

Connect With Me

You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram.

I’m also a bit of a triathlete and recently completed my first Ironman triathlon.  If you’re in to that sort of thing you can follow me on Strava.

You can also find me on Quora – I try to stay active whenever I get a chance.


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